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David Crockett Construction offers Commercial Office remodeling,Dental Office and

Medical Remodeling called Tenant Improvements.Your existing office may be out of date and time for an update.As of 2016 the State o California Title 24 and the American Disabilities ACT have changed the requirements for Commercial Public access.Alterations to an existing office such as changing florescent lighting ballast

to electronic ballast with duel switching will comply with State of California Title 24 Codes.Altering existing door openings and adding ADA approved door lever latches

and reconfiguring or moving restroom toilet fixtures to correct dimensions will comply with Federal Ada Regulations and the State of California Title 24 Disability Codes.Commercial office space legally must comply or any disabled person can sue you in court the fines are expensive and you will still have to improve your office space and bring it up to code.

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